Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Restroom Cleaning Directly Impacts Your Business—Here’s How…

Your restroom should be the center of attention when it comes to cleaning. That’s where all the bacteria and germs reside! You want to keep those harmful microorganisms away, if you want the customers to stay!

In the age of smartphones, it takes seconds to spread gossip. They will talk about what they see, whether it’s good or bad. You can paint a positive image or a horror movie in their head—that’s up to you. It all depends on how clean your bathroom is. This might be the making or breaking point in your business.


Your business needs a good reputation to keep clients coming in. Your bathroom is a sign of how clean the other places are. If customers find wet floors, no toilet paper, and bad odor, your reputation will take a hit! This will get worse when the news spreads about how dirty your store usually gets.

First impression can be the last

Whenever a new client walks through your doors, he automatically starts scanning the place.
If they think it as filthy and unhealthy, you will never see them again! No matter how great your food is, how low the prices are, or how good your service is, no one wants to stay in a dirty place! 

If you give a good impression to the customer, it builds a relationship that goes from good to great. Starting off with a positive tone is always essential for an early business.

Customer care is vital

According to HelpScout, for every negative experience of a customer, you have to make it up with over 12 positive ones! 

Life of the business would be so much easier, if there were less negative experiences. If you don’t care about your customers, they won’t care about your products. A clean bathroom shows that you actually care about more than just selling your product.

What to do

Make sure there is an employee keeping regular check on the stuff needed in the bathroom. They will also keep the bathroom squeaky clean. Moreover, it is important that you equip your staff with good quality cleaning products. This will eliminate germs and give a pleasant smell to the bathroom. Developing a cleaning program with your employees is the best way to ensure that your restroom stays clean. 

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