Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Your Office Tile Floor Is Home To Many Germs and Bacteria – Deep Cleaning Helps

What are the two most important rooms in your house? Despite their apparent importance, bathrooms and kitchens are often the most neglected areas in a house or office.

Is your office environment sanitary? Look at the state of your kitchen and bathroom? Are the tile floors sparkling clean or riddled with unsightly yellow spots, faded in places? Is the grout i.e. the space in-between floor tiles white (as it’s supposed to be) or caked with years of unwashed grime?

Cleanliness of kitchen and bathroom floor times is essential—nay—critical! It promotes a sanitary environment, as well as improved health for people.

Harmful Bacteria from Dirty Office Tile Floors

Do your employees get sick more often than is normal? Harmful germs and bacteria is the reason behind a higher sickness rate in your office. Unwashed tile floors are the culprit. What are the most common bacteria found on unwashed and grimy floor tiles?

o Salmonella and E-coli bacteria can be commonly found lurking on tiles, via humans. Unsanitary bathroom practices are followed which results in this harmful bacteria. Improper food preparation techniques are another reason.

o Another common and harmful bacterium, found in a lot of kitchens is listeria. It can be found nestled deep within floor tiles, commonly attained by consuming contaminated food.

Common Symptoms for Both: Fever, vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Biggest Source Of Grime and Bacteria – Is It Difficult to Clean Floor Tiles?

 Conventional floor cleaning methods (with a mop and bucket of soap water) aren’t enough to get rid of the deeply embedded grime. Even using heavy duty commercial cleaning solutions isn’t a good idea especially if you have expensive tiles paved on the floor.

Cleaning deeply jammed dirt and grit in grout can cause scratches to appear on the tile’s surface, without removing much dirt and bacteria.   

Deep Cleaning Floor Tiles with Professional Help

Your office floor tiles are an expensive investment that requires professional deep cleaning to shine properly. However, before starting any floor cleaning experiment, it’s important to know whether your tiles are sealed or not especially stone tile floors.

Do yourself a favor; hire professional cleaning services that specialize in cleaning commercial spaces. Not only will your investment remain in good shape for a long time but your employees will be healthy and happy working for you.

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