Monday, June 19, 2017

The Award For Dirtiest Place In Your Office Goes To

Humans are the most fearless creatures on Planet Earth. Correction – we are the most fearful creatures in the world. We fear for our jobs in an economic crunch. We have an irrational fear of heights, spiders closed elevators.

The most common of all fears is: falling sick. We are susceptible to a million different illnesses and diseases, which increases chances of succumbing, anytime.

Calling In Sick At Work and Your Office – Is There Any Relation?

Some workplaces are a hundred times dirtier than even public toilets! In fact many researchers classify usual office equipment as a serious threat to human health…

What do we touch and use the most when working? Our mouse, keyboard, kitchen’s refrigerator and microwave handle, and the toilet seat are some objects we touch every day.

The Dirtiest Object In Your Office Is…

To find this out, microbiologists investigated different surfaces of thousands of different working places. In another study, researchers swabbed nearly 5,000 surfaces in office buildings including 3,000 employees. The offices studied were law firms, health care companies, insurance companies, call centers, and manufacturing facilities.

As expected, the following objects were highlighted, from highly to least dirty.

o Desktop surface
o Keyboard
o Mouse
o Toilet seat
o Sink faucet handles

Incredibly surprising was the dirtiest object in an office space! Believe it or not, but the dirtiest object (and the most commonly used) is the mobile!

Decreasing Sick Days at the Office

According to commercial cleaning experts T & M Services, microorganisms that carry viral infections such as influenza can only live on different office spaces for 3 days! Additionally, favorable breeding ground for these influenza carrying microorganisms is spilled coffee, dirty mugs in the kitchen, and crumbs on tables.

Regular disinfection of affected office surfaces (wiping with alcohol) can solve the problem. With this in mind, follow these helpful tips:

o Wash hands or use sanitizer when you reach work, after traveling from trains or buses
o Keep hand sanitizer at your desk, ready for use after every meeting or conference
o Use disinfectant wipes and clean your desk at least once a day
o Disinfectant wipes can also be used to sanitize high-touch areas

Proper and thorough implementation of the above can ensure decreased rate of sick days. There is another way you can ensure your employees don’t fear losing their jobs due to sickness! Hire commercial restroom and office cleaning services for this job. Hire T & M Services!