Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Improving Your Bottom Line with A Clean Facility

What is your company’s bottom-line? Do you want to increase productivity and efficiency to a certain amount after 3 months? Or do you want to meet all your supply and demand goals – possibly improving on processes while at it? Are you worried about client engagement?

Want to work on and improve all three at once? Take a look at your facility – is it clean enough?

How Can A Clean Facility Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

You may not have time to even think about regular cleaning, hygiene and sanitization with bigger things to worry about.

Yet office cleaning plays an important role in the bigger picture. Not only does it help improve productivity and motivational levels, office cleaning can also save you a lot of money in the long run! Regular commercial cleaning:

Reduces Employee Absenteeism

A sick day means deadline and pending projects that don’t get delivered. Even a single day’s lost work will cost you money!

You can cut down costs associated with employee absenteeism by working on the root of the problem, i.e. prevention of too many sick days. A thoroughly cleaned and sanitized office space helps promote employee health and happiness!

Increased Customer Engagement

Your customers will expect a certain level of professionalism whether you operate a small level business or a nationally recognized company.

Ensuring your facility is clean and tidy will make a big difference in making a prospective client feel good about contacting your business. A clean and non-cluttered office space indicates professionalism.

Soiled windows, carpets, scuffed floors, etc., give off an impression that a company can’t be bothered to look presentable. How can they be expected to provide the best service?

Improves Your Business’s Marketing Efforts

A clean office is a welcoming place for prospective clients and new recruits. It’s the ultimate marketing tool. Additionally, your building’s appearance is a major element that tells your prospective clients and employees about your core values. Employing professional commercial cleaning will make everything easer.   

Optimal commercial cleaning will also protect your assets, such as furniture, computer desks, kitchen equipment, and other office supplies.

Adequate maintenance is important to ensure assets remain in good working condition. Are you concerned about not meeting your company’s bottom line goals? Hire T & M Services, one of the most reliable and thorough commercial cleaning services in Florida!   

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Customers Think About Public Restrooms

How far will you go to avoid going to a public restroom? What extreme measures will you take if you had to use a public restroom? Restroom cleanliness and maintenance is an important daily task – most facility management professionals are quite aware of this fact. However, people don’t like using public restrooms!

The world is abuzz with chatter – people debating who can pee in what type of restroom and what constitutes as appropriate restroom behavior. Nobody is addressing the real issue i.e. why people don’t like using public bathrooms in the first place?

Public Restrooms Are Dirty – But That Is Just the Beginning

Many public toilets aren’t as clean as they should be, according to numerous surveys conducted by many different companies in various U.S. cities. However this isn’t the only reason why people don’t prefer going to a public bathroom (if they can help it).

“Just the thought of a public restroom makes me feel a little sick. Have you ever waited all day? Well…I did. #JustSaying

People Don’t Want Fancy Tiled and Beautiful Public Bathrooms As Much As…

Privacy! This simple word weights heavily in situations where there should be privacy but isn’t. Public restrooms are the worst. In fact, over 60% respondents of a survey reported they have delayed or would delay using a public restroom that didn’t provide enough privacy.

Enter American Designed Public Bathrooms – The Stuff Nightmares Are Made From

Any modicum of privacy is lost once you will enter an American styled public bathroom.

As a country, we recognize ourselves as a distinctly open society. Stall enclosures that have large bottom and top openings are common, right alongside with peek-a-boo gaps at panel seams. You won’t have any issue with using a public bathroom unless you aren’t squeamish about letting a stranger hear (and see) you.        

Privacy vs. Cleanliness – Which Will You Choose?

In a bid to ensure utmost privacy, people often select the furthest stall to do their business. As one of the most heavily used toilet in the restroom – it also harbors germs and other general yuckiness. You will have to think what you want the most, a clean toilet or privacy.

You may have been dealt with life’s cruel jokes if had to use a public restroom. Ensure your employees don’t face the same! Call T & M Services to clean and sanitize your bathrooms. We are expert commercial cleaning and janitorial service providers.