Friday, March 24, 2017

Does Your Restaurant’s Restroom Come Up To Par In Cleanliness and Hygiene?

The cleanliness of your restrooms (or lack of) can either make or break your customer’s perception of your business.

This magnifies when you are serving in the hospitality or service industry—for instance a restaurant.

Would you like using a dirty bathroom in a public place? Will you go back to that establishment? How will you describe the restaurant to your friends?

The cleanliness of your restaurant’s restrooms tells your valued customers more than you realize.

For one, dirty restrooms convey that you don’t value your customers! First impressions are important, but in a restaurant business, every impression counts.

Difficulties in Cleaning Restaurant Restrooms, Properly

Restaurant owners must understand that not all business and public restrooms are created equal.

You can face several difficulties in trying to maintain and clean your establishment’s restrooms according to standards. Traffic is constant within restaurant restrooms, throughout the day. Without a frequent and thorough cleaning schedule, restrooms can become soiled in a matter of minutes!

Additionally, many public and restaurant bathrooms are constructed with ancient metal and vitreous fixtures, that promote rust and dispersion of aerosol contaminates throughout the facility.

Tiled bathrooms pose another challenge, collection of grout and significant bacteria in hard to reach places. Odor is another issue that doesn’t seem to have any answer.  

Sometimes, it takes more than a good menu and ambience to ensure customers keep coming back to your restaurant. Pay attention to your restroom facilities; they speak!

Signs Your Restaurant’s Restroom Isn’t Clean

Remember, a gross restroom will clearly indicate to your customers that your kitchen and restaurant’s standards aren’t high. You don’t want to lose their valuable business! An unclean restroom can also become the bane of your restaurant, with bad online and word-of-mouth reviews. Careful, your customer will note:

  • An overflowing trash bin
  • Un-wiped faucets
  • Tissue flowing out of the dispenser
  • Scattered hairs on floor
  • A dirty mop leaning on wall
  • Dirty sinks and toilets
  • Bad odor

All these signs clearly point towards inadequateness of your staff regarding your restaurant’s restroom cleaning. 

Your restaurant’s kitchen is the heart and soul of your business but its restrooms are no less important! Pay attention to this area by calling in professional commercial restroom cleaning services. Your customers will love it! Give a call to T & M Services today!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Post-Construction Clean Up – Here Is What You Need To Know

There are just days left until your new office building is fully constructed. Moving into the new premises will take another week at the most. But you still have to show the building off to your superiors, in 4 days time! Have you thought how you will make the post-construction site presentable?

Your newly constructed building is likely the most important asset for your business. It’s important to take care of this asset from the minute construction is completed! A post-construction cleanup can help.

Post-Construction Cleanup – What Is It?

This type of cleanup is different from normal and even deep cleaning. It means to have the entire construction site cleaned from top to bottom, after the last workers have left. A post-construction cleanup is an excellent opportunity to not only thoroughly clean your construction site but carry a final inspection as well.

Thinking of conducting this job soon? Hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in this service to ensure a quality clean-up. Here is why:

Cleanup Job Will Be Safer

Depending on your business, you will want to make some areas of the construction site operational as soon as possible. There will be people around. Having a professional cleaning company to do the entire cleanup will be safer for everyone. You won’t have to deal with any debris left behind or hazards lingering around! Additionally, a professional crew will have better and specialized equipment than just a dustbin and broom.

Proper Disposal of Debris

You will be held responsible and accountable for tossing leftover drywall or wood in that week’s trash pickup, in many municipalities. Additionally, you will have to arrange special pickup for construction materials meanwhile paint and other chemicals must be legally and properly disposed. It can take a lot of time, resources and effort to figure out logistics and legalities for this project.

It’s easier to let a professional cleanup company handle this part of your building’s construction, as they will not only have the proper tools and resources to handle this job but will have experience.

Last but not the least; the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Working on your own will be time consuming. You won’t be able to concentrate on pending tasks with a delayed post-construction cleanup on your head. Give this job to the professionals and ensure efficiency, reliability, and quality work without breaking your wallet. Call T & M Services today.

How Well Do You Understand Janitorial Pricing?

Every business owner requires high productivity levels from employees.

But how can high quality work be delivered if employees are also required to clean-up after themselves?

Yes, saving money should be every business’s top priority. What about wasted effort and time? Both could have been utilized elsewhere, for the business!

DIY cleaning is often promoted in office culture, only because it’s easy on the pocket. But, this method has drawbacks.

There are several reasons why DIY office cleaning shouldn’t rank even close to office cleaning solutions—unless you are ready to handle costs related with employees and insurance, training, cleaning solutions and chemicals, supervision and more.

Professional office cleaning services are a good option but how much will that cost?

How Much Should You Pay For Office Cleaning Services in Florida?

There is not one answer to this question. A lot of factors come into play before a cost estimate can be determined. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all theory that works with office cleaning services. Select the best in your area by taking these factors into account:

Geographic Area

Where is your office located? Of course operating a business in a posh side of town means higher prices for customer related services, located nearby. Are your headquarters located in Pompano Beach, FL? It’s a good idea to hire a local service for several reasons.

Scope of Office Cleaning Services

What cleaning tasks do you want the professionals to perform?

Do you need help for office’s daily cleaning or require infrequent but detailed assistance?

What about additional services such as window and carpet cleaning? Will hiring a basic office cleaning service suffice or do you require full-service, green cleaning professionals? Take a look at your workplace, its size (in square feet) and employee traffic.

What to Expect From a Commercial Office Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning is usually carried on at night, while your business is closed. Common daily performed services are:

  • Vacuuming and mopping common walkways
  • Trash disposal
  • Cleaning and dusting desktops
  • Disinfecting bathrooms
  • Maintaining bathroom supplies
  • Window and carpet cleaning
  • Dusting light fixtures, ceilings, etc

Provide the very best for your company and employees. Choose T & M Services for all your commercial office cleaning needs!