Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 Most Germ-Infested Spots in Your Office

Germs are everywhere! However, certain places are breeding grounds for germs at your workplace. Watch out!

With the fall season at its peak, cold and flu are a common illness plaguing most of the individuals around. Imagine the multitude of germs spread when a sick person coughs or sneezes and puts people around him at risk. 

However, despite that, there are certain hotspots in an office that are simply the most germ-infested and hence need thorough and timely office cleaning.  

Elevator Button

Yes, you do not have an option but to push it. Use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly after contact with a publicly accessible point. 



The door you used to enter your office premises is also subject to many germs—right at the doorknob. We might not particularly pay attention to these objects which are a part of our daily life; but more than often, these are objects used most, which ultimately leads to germ transfer. Keep your surroundings and equipment clean by sanitizing them.

Your workstation

Your desktop is the place where you spend majority of your day. Little do we realize, that the cluttered space and usual munching leaves an indelible effect on the breeding of germs.
The office phone, your keyboard, mouse, photocopiers are all subject to this huge infestation of germs. Hence, always make sure that you hire a professional office cleaning service to germproof your workplace.

Kitchen fittings and appliances

Employees often kick start their day with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. And alas, the coffee pot or kettle handle becomes the most likely place where germs can be extracted from. Again, the most likely solution is to keep hygiene measures on top priority with the help of top class janitorial commercial cleaning services. 


The most obvious breeding grounds for germs are restrooms. Hence, restroom cleaning equipment used by professional is an ideal way of germ-proofing the sink, toilet seat, faucet handles, soap dishes, dispensers and the door knob as well. A public restroom shared by many is even more prone to bacteria and E.coli, for example.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Workplace

Cutting down your footprint and fulfilling your responsibilities as an eco-friendly employee can require substantial efforts on your part. This may begin with a few simple habits and lifestyle amendments that will set you on the road to an eco-friendly life. Automatically when waste will be minimal, less effort will be required to maintain a hygienic and healthy work environment. It’s all connected and the responsibility starts with our individual selves. 

Save more paper
In this highly digitalized era, the use of paper has automatically been considerably reduced. However, we still need to take green initiatives and limit our use of paper and try to conserve this resource as part of corporate social responsibility. The team at T&M Services Inc is a firm believer in sustainable cleaning solutions and hence we propagate values that are in harmony with our core company philosophy. Print on both sides of the paper and also make sure that you adjust the settings to fit in more words on a single page. 

Cutting down on lunch waste
A routine activity can be as eco-friendly as possible because of the fact that it has an ever-lasting impact on the environment. Instead of ordering from restaurant chains and eating out of Styrofoam or brown paper bags, make it a point to prepare your lunch at home. You can pack them in re-usable lunch boxes to reduce waste and at the same time eat healthy. Office cleaning is not as easy as you may think.

Pay close attention to discarded material
Often during work we are so engrossed in the task at hand that we tend to discard a lot of material just to get rid of the clutter on our work station or prevent too much overcrowding. However, if we assign a particular day to sort out all the apparent trash that might have piled up, we will realize that some of that stuff can actually be put to constructive use. This includes papers with one side empty, or re-usable plastic bottles and containers or carton boxes for storing different things.

Adopt the electronic medium
Majority of the work we do has been transitioned to digital mediums as it is much more convenient and easily accessible. More than that, it is a great help for green cleaning initiatives as it drastically reduces paper waste. Electronic newsletters and emails are not something new and everything that most of us are familiar with. 

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