Thursday, January 12, 2017

Various Types of Floor Cleaning Machines

From basic brooms and manual cleaning equipment, to wet & dry vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and upholstery cleaners; floor cleaning machines vary in terms of type, size and complexity.

There are some floor cleaning machines that cannot only be used indoors, but outdoors as well. Similarly, some machines rely on manual power, such as mops and brooms, while others are motorized.

Based on the type of floor, cleaning equipment can significantly vary. Outlined below are some common types of floor cleaning machines, and how they operate:

Brooms and Dust Mops

Brooms and dust mops usually fall into the category of low-tech cleaning equipment and have been used by households and businesses for the longest time now.

For home cleaning purposes, broom and dust pans are often utilized in combination. However in commercial establishments, big-sized push brooms are utilized.

You will also find battery-powered push brooms that work incredibly both, indoors and outdoors. Typically, commercial mops have a mop and bucket combination
that also have a wringer to drain bucket water.

Carpet Shampooers and Upholstery Cleaners

These are basically machines that are capable of working with water and chemical compounds. Carpet shampooers and upholstery cleaners can be in both forms, strong, deep cleaning commercial equipment and low-technology spray that utilize steam or cleaning shampoos to eradicate dirt by loosening and suctioning it off the floor and/or upholstery. Moreover, there are several attachments on carpet cleaners that can help effectively clean the upholstery on furniture.

Other Specialized Floor Cleaning Machines

In addition to vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning equipment stated above, there are floor polishers, tile grout floor cleaners, and dedicated squeegee wands that can be attached to the extraction machine for cleaning hard floors.

Typically, floor polishers are utilized in gyms, educational institutes, and bowling alley to clean floors, leaving them spotless, smooth and shiny.

Based on the type of flooring and cleaning needs, you will find a range of floor cleaning equipment on the market. From lightweight home cleaners to giant-sized heavy-duty commercial floor cleaners, keeping any kind of commercial flooring clean is now easy and effortless.

Choosing the right floor cleaning equipment is critical to keeping home and office clean. In order to take the right decision, count on the certified and expertly-trained technical team at T & M Services. The company additionally sells a range of commercial cleaning equipment depending on clients’ cleaning needs and budgets. Call them now at 561-409-5096 to get in touch with their technical team.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Professional Office Cleanings Busted By T & M Services

How frequently do you hire the services of a professional office cleaning company? If not very often, then cleanliness is a big concern in your commercial facility. While regular cleaning by in-house cleaners helps you maintain your office in good condition, professional office cleaning services remain unparalleled.

A clean office can make working pleasurable, while improving employee productivity. If not cleaned regularly and effectively, offices can easily turn into a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and all kinds of illnesses.

However, do you really know what proper office cleaning is? Don’t go by the words of any random professional cleaning company. Instead, allow us to help you clear some myths about professional cleaning, and the benefits you and your employees can enjoy.

Myth#1 - Professional Office Cleaning Today Lacks Professionalism

This can be true for other commercial cleaning companies, but it’s certainly not the case with T & M Services. Even though there are numerous professional cleaning companies out there, possessing years of experience, most of them tend to lack professionalism.

The same holds true for small-sized, startups. Since setting up a cleaning service is relatively inexpensive, new cleaning companies are making way into the market on a routine basis. However some companies shut down as quickly as they open up, but they leave a negative impact on the overall reputation of commercial cleaning companies.  We have been in the business for the longest time now, establishing an unmarked reputation of delivering on our promises, and exceeding customer expectations.

Myth#2 – Professional Office Cleaning Companies Have High Turnover

This is only the case with companies that do not appreciate and reward the efforts of its cleaning staff. At T & M Services, we take immense pride in having low market turnover, and fulfilling customer expectations when it comes to efficient and timely cleaning services. We believe that our expert cleaning staff is at the core of our business operations. Companies that do not care about their employees are less likely to be concerned about satisfying their customers and providing them with a quality cleaning experience.

Myth#3 – Professional Office Cleaning Companies Don’t Communicate Effectively

When establishing long-term relationship with customers, maintaining open communication is critical. It is unfortunate that most commercial cleaning companies don’t put efforts towards understanding clients’ concerns and resolving them timely. At T & M Services, our clients appreciate us for our timely, responsive services. We handle all kinds of issues professionally, and this is only possible by providing customers with a clear communication channel.

From classroom cleaning to construction cleaning, commercial cleaning and more, count on us as we provide you with affordably-priced, comprehensive cleaning services across the US. We also provide customers with a range of commercial cleaning equipment and repair services. Dial 954-942-8768 now to hire our services.