Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why Should Your Corporate Social Responsibility Incorporate Green Cleaning?

Converting natural resources into dollars is a process that has many hidden costs. We are not only using up these land resources but are also refilling them with harmful debris. 

What I can do as one person? Not much perhaps, but if you are one of those people holding positions of power, such as CEOs, business owners, and people governing business consortiums, you can make all the difference at a macroscopic level. 

By including use of green cleaning techniques, you will be rewarded with a better office environment, improved economy as well as a better world to live in.

Go Paperless!

More and more companies are digitalizing their offices and reducing dependence on paper-based communication methods. Paper production causes deforestation. Besides, it also involves emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. By adopting digital means of communication and documentation, you can save not only on costs and office space, but also boost productivity by making document sharing easier and more secure. 

However, as the use of paper cannot completely end, you can make profit while helping the environment by selling stacks of used papers to recycling pick up services in your community.

Reuse, Reduce, Rebuild!

Reusable equipment are instrumental in reducing pollution and company expenses alike. Using glass mugs for coffee instead of disposable plastic or paper cups; shifting to renewable forms of energy such as solar power panels instead of fuel powered generators; and encouraging cost-cutting techniques – all these can greatly reduce the environmental issues and also help boost productivity.

Clean Green

Green cleaning solutions not only help decrease environmental pollution, but also drastically decrease maintenance costs of your office environment. 

Micro fibrous technology is at the core of green cleaning methods which makes use of environmentally-friendly chemicals – produced and transported using recyclable containers – that emit lesser volumes of harmful compounds into the environment. Green cleaning involves using energy-efficient equipment which reduces the life cycle of bacteria and viruses, contributing to the health of employees and the overall office environment. 
Green cleaning does not only lower the cost of maintenance, but also keeps your office environment healthy which is one of the greatest factors in enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

T & M Services are helping large and small businesses enhance their growth by benefiting from commercial green cleaning. We also offer solutions for deep cleaning, window cleaning and other janitorial services. Contact us for a comprehensive cleaning analysis of your property.