Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Commercial Cleaning Company Will Have You Covered For These

A clean office attracts customers and stakeholders. Yes, it’s a widely known fact, but in truth, how many businesses invest in professional cleaning? Very few.  

A filthy office invites allergies and other microbes that adversely affect the health of employees. 

Such working environments are far from those that encourage productivity and exhibit genuine work ethics. Above all, if employees don’t feel that they are being taken care of, it’s rare that customers will feel positive about your organization. So, what’s the fix? It’s hiring a professional cleaning company that will make the best use of its expertise to solve cleanliness issues. 

Regular cleanups and dusting sessions don’t offer detailed cleaning. However, when you hire professionals, they cover each and every area to provide you with comprehensive cleaning solutions. Here are a few:


There are over 50 bacteria/square inch on a toilet seat? As gross as it sounds, bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places, whether homes or offices. And people are likely to feel worst about office bathrooms. 

They are places where employees and customers collect innumerable illness-causing germs. From E Coli, to fecal bacteria, and staphylococcus – you name it and it’s there. And not just toilet seats; they are everywhere in the restroom. From sinks to door knobs, each spot is a threat. Therefore, utilizing a professional office cleaning service is essential.  


Alright, so elevators probably make way towards the end of businesses’ cleaning lists. Why? Mostly because people don’t find them to be as dirty. But the fact is that they’re germs’ nest. 

Elevators tend to have confined spaces with little or no ventilation. Hence, expect them to be jam-packed with countless germs and bacteria brought by people entering and leaving office premises.  

Imagine hundreds of people entering and touching elevator buttons every day! It isn’t surprising to know that elevators have more than 3,500 bacteria/sq. inch on average. This is more than the number of bacteria on a bathroom sink. Yes, professional cleaners will have you covered for this too.


Clean windows have a positive psychological impact on employees and customers. 

They increase morale and convey a constructive impression of your organization. However, if not cleaned regularly, they can build up dirt and turn into a millstone. It’s best to hire professional window cleaning services to perform bi-monthly cleaning, based on environmental factors. And if your office is in a high-rising building, then cleaning windows can be a pressing concern which can only be met by a commercial cleaning company. 

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