Thursday, June 16, 2016

Regular Cleaning Tips for Dental Offices

When a patient comes into a clinic, they expect to be relieved of their oral health problems.

It is imperative that dental clinics are kept clean, at all times. An area full of microorganisms will have poor sanitary conditions.

This increases their chances of getting sick. So what can you do to make the office cleaner for your patients? Here are a few tips:

Minimize chances of cross contamination


Cross contamination is the root cause for spread of several common illnesses.

Something as simple as missing a spot while disinfecting surfaces can lead to cross contamination. Hepatitis B and flu are the two most commonly spread illnesses because of unhygienic healthcare offices.

Make sure sanitizers are replaced often


Hand sanitizers are a good defense against cross contamination. Dentists, dental assistants and other staff should be encouraged to use sanitizers.

Make sure that the dispenser never runs out of it. Replace with a new sanitizer as soon as the first one

Keep the space dust free


Bacteria are more abundant at dusty and unclean surfaces. Whether it’s inside the room where you see your patient or on the furniture or surfaces in the reception area, dust is an enemy you must strive to get rid of.

Other than dust, spills and stains should also be cleaned up for a more hygienic environment.

Ensure the cleanliness of restrooms


Cleaning restrooms should not be a second thought.

Restrooms are one of the dirtiest places that risk spreading disease the most.

Cabinets, faucets, counter tops, everything should be disinfected properly. It is important to regularly scrub the toilet and refill paper towers.

In fact, restroom cleaning should be a routine and must be repeated if and when needed during the day.

Keep it uncluttered


Whether it’s the reception desk or the dentist’s work bench, these surfaces should not be allowed to clutter with magazines or notebooks.

Clutter invites and hides dust while preventing you from cleaning it. It also doesn’t look professional and your patients might not want to return for another checkup if they find the place unorganized.

Of course, such upkeep requires time and efforts. Neither you nor your support staff has time on their hands. So what should you do instead? Try our daily cleaning services to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at your dental clinic.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Clean Job Site Is A Pathway To A Productive Job Site

Construction is chaotic; there are no two ways about it, irrespective of what you are constructing, what systems are being incorporated or what raw materials are being used. 

Just as a construction project reaches its final stage, the mess and chaos created can be very overwhelming for the site owners. Why? Majorly because most contractors do not find the job of handling and cleaning remaining muddle as their responsibility. Rightly so, because there are dedicated commercial cleaning professionals to handle the construction cleaning job.   

A clean job site reaps several benefits. Here are some:

Happier Customers

When the construction project is building a house for customers, there’s every reason to have the site cleaned to keep clients happy. 

It is more like a basic courtesy that constructors must extend to their clients in order to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Moreover, a cluttered jobsite is the easiest way to devastate an otherwise exceptional run-through with a customer.  

According to most contractors, customers have a greater likelihood to find errors in a construction project if the jobsite is disorganized and dirty. That’s quite obvious when the muddle is mostly garbage.  In a nutshell, keeping the site spotless will compel your clients to treat you in a professional manner.

Increased Efficiency

Think for yourself:  Is it difficult to work in a clear space or a cluttered space? When you keep your jobsite regularly uncluttered, the actual job will not only finish quicker but with enhanced quality. After all, who would want to work with asphalt shingle leftovers lying all across the broken slates spread all across the desk? 

Moreover, renovations projects can be dangerous. Details need to be looked into: where you require blocks to be cemented; where your workers will take their break, etc.

Greater Opportunities for New Business

The pleasant appearance of a clean jobsite cannot be fully explained in words.  Think of the following circumstances:  A probable client passes by a house you are constructing and finds trash papers, junk lying around, and bulky wastes scattered around the job site. 

Now imagine the opposite: a spick and span site that’s de-cluttured to its peak.  Which site would a potential customer be more inclined towards? The answer is pretty obvious. 

A clean jobsite implies professional constructors or remodelers.  Let’s look at it this way:  Who will succeed a job interview? An applicant who appears as though he/she just jumped off the bed or a candidate who seems well dressed and professional? Your job site is quite similar to you going on a job interview EVERY DAY. So, make the most of it this opportunity and make sure your job site is free from clutter.

No matter how dirty or muddled your job site is, our technically trained cleaning professionals will have your back. Call us at 1-800-439-8768 or place your work order to book our commercial services.