Saturday, May 21, 2016

Top Tips to Keep Your Office Carpet in Great Shape

Office carpets experience heavy foot traffic; grimy shoes, bulky office equipment, to streams of spills and a lot more. 

These have a great impact on it, dulling its appearance, and making it look downright unappealing. But here’s the saving grace: there are simple things that can help reinstate its former glory, irrespective of how crowded the workplace.

Regular care and protection for carpets never goes old. Here are some top tips that you can try to keep your office carpets in great shape:

Place Rugs Where Appropriate

To begin with, think of areas within the workplace where you can lay rugs.
Some great suggestions would include inside and outside the office doors that show the way out. However, make sure the ones to be laid outside are sturdy against the contaminating elements. Furthermore, they should serve as a spot where people can swab their shoes before entering the premises.

Place Rugs in High-Traffic Zones

What are the probable places in your office that are subject to most traffic? These places are conference halls, foyers, break rooms, rest rooms where office staff frequently stop for a quick chit-chat. Make use of long rugs for hallways and broader ones for other rooms to minimize carpet damage.

Dragging Equipment/Furniture on Carpet is a No-No!

One of the worst things you can do to your carpet is drag heavy-duty office equipment over it. Doing so can wreck the stuffing beneath it and can even draw out fibers. Nonetheless, if there are certain areas within the office where equipment is transported habitually, try to place plastic mats or rugs to shield the carpet against damage.

To simplify this job, you can make use of a trolley. This will prevent the drag, and protect the carpet from being stretched out. 

Moreover, if office employees make use of wheeled desk chairs, lay some plastic mats below them to protect the carpet. Such mats make it easy to thrust chairs over the floor and also save the carpet from harm.
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Monday, May 9, 2016

What’s The Truth To The Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is more important now than ever. Even though there is still some hesitation around green cleaning, it is expected that most institutions and authorities with take this concern rather seriously. At least, this has been the trend lately.

An increasing number of federal facilities across the U.S. are now transiting from the traditional means of cleaning to a more environmental-friendly cleaning products and equipment – be it schools, office campuses, auto show rooms, medical & research facilities, and country clubs.

However, it is sad that still there are quite a few widespread myths regarding this cleaning form. Keep reading to let us help you unveil the truth:

Myth#1 – Green Cleaning Products Fail to Work As Well As Chemical Laden Ones

Well, this one is perhaps the most ordinary myth. A number of green cleaning products that were launched 2-3 decades ago were comparatively poor at providing satisfactory results.  Nonetheless, over the last decade, technology has evolved and there are better products on the market than before. Hence, things have changed and green cleaning products are now producing remarkable results.  In a number of scenarios, green cleaning products and equipment have shown at par or even better results than usual cleaning products. 

Myth#2 – Green Cleaning Products are Costlier

This may hold true for some green cleaning products, but definitely not for all. Recently, the green cleaning products have evolved to become cost-effective, mainly due to the competition with conventional cleaning products. As a matter of fact, now the green cleaning products are widely being termed as “cost neutral.” Here’s why:
Most of the green products are highly concentrated. They may seem costly initially, but they tend to last over a longer period of time, eradicating the cost difference. Also, a number of facilities have claimed that the productivity of their employees has increased and the rate of absenteeism has gone down since green cleaning products are being used.

Myth#3 – Green Cleaning Is All About Switching To Green Chemicals

Not just chemicals, but green cleaning takes in all the tools, products, and equipment.
For instance, resorting to a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner could form a strong component of the overall green cleaning strategy. Likewise, a carpet or floor cleaning equipment that uses less chemicals and water could be something that forms a part of the green cleaning mission.
To sum it up, green cleaning is much more than products and chemicals. It is a unique combination of cleaning processes and methods. Primarily, a green cleaning agenda would attempt to reduce cleaning activities that are unfavorable to the surroundings.
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