Saturday, April 9, 2016

Restroom Cleaning: How To Keep Odor Under Control

Let’s face it, your restroom says a lot about your workplace. A smelly bathroom is not only nauseating, but unhygienic as well. Unfortunately, too many commercial facility managers and employees have to deal with this dilemma. 

Although many commercial facilities conduct basic tasks – daily cleaning service – required to control odors, the reality is that restroom odor is a common problem. 

So, how do combat commercial restroom odor successfully? It’s not as hard as you think.
Read on to discover simple tips for keeping restroom odor under control:

Identify The Cause

First step, assess the condition of your restroom. This can help you determine the cause of the odor, and subsequently, design a strategy to get rid of it. 

In most cases, the warmer the temperature, the higher will be the humidity level. Therefore, there’s a greater likelihood that a restroom will have odors. 

Since it’s difficult to control humid conditions, your best bet is to control the source of odor. Case in point: broken pipes, especially under the toilet; stinky smell from urine; and floor drain. The floor drain is, in fact, not given much attention to. If the trap in the floor drains dries out, it will give offset sewer gas.

A simple solution is to ask your cleaners to pour a cup of water down the drain to keep the trap full. This prevents the gas from escaping.

Cleaning Products

Use an acid neutralizer to the affected area (floor and wall grout) to break down alkaline salts. This will help reduce the odor. Thereafter, your cleaners can apply a disinfectant to destroy the bacteria. Make sure to let the disinfectant to sit on the affected area for at least 10 minutes.


A deodorizer works in restrooms where airflow is a problem. However, you need to choose the right type of deodorizer and the method of deodorizing to resolve the issue. 

Simply ask your cleaners to apply deodorizers by mopping the floor. Some deodorizers are timed-release sprays, while others are applied with each flush.

Deodorizers come in the form of solids, gel or oils that are made with strong fragrances to cover odors. Therefore, you can a variety of deodorants to choose from. 

However, the right way to eliminate restroom odor is to get rid of the source of the odor, clean the contaminated area and then deodorize it.

Some Central Points To Remember

·         Daily cleaning with effective products is the best way to prevent odors.

·         Don’t use a dirty mop because it will aggravate the stench.

·         Keep absorbent mats under commodes and urinals to prevent urine from contacting the floor. Change the mats frequently so that no odors occur.

However, if your commercial restroom has a continuous odor problem, it’s time to call the professionals for help. We offer comprehensive restroom cleaning services for all types of commercial units. Rest assured, we use high quality restroom cleaning equipment and cleaning products that deliver the best results. Don’t make your staff and visitors suffer; call us now for an appointment.