Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Importance Of Commercial Cleaning Inspections

For commercial facilities, cleaning plays a significant part in ensuring that all employees stay healthy and happy. Equally important is continuous inspection of commercial units.

This inspection serves as a vital tool to analyze just how effective your facility’s cleaning plan is. In addition, it also helps determine an action plan to address problem areas. 

Can’t develop a result-oriented cleaning inspection program? Here are some strategies that might help:


Establish your measurement standards and how to apply them. Remember to set consistent standards. These might include:

·         Frequency: Cleaning inspections should be frequent enough to provide the right amount of data. This can help you measure the quality of cleaning. (For example, the number of rooms at your workplace will factor into how many rooms to audit per month. Consider a certain percentage, for example 5 percent per month).

·         Components: Do you need to inspect just the high surface areas or everything in each room? 

·         Ratings: Use a rating system, such as a percentage (1 to 100 percent). 

·         Specific item weighing: Take into account a weighing system that specifies each item, For example, figure out if the floor has a higher rating than the ceiling.

Inspector Training

Make sure that your cleaning inspectors are trained professionals. Cleaning is somewhat subjective. Therefore, it’s important to reduce deviations among inspectors as much as possible.
Train all inspectors on clearly defined standards. In addition, you can have several people inspect a certain area and then discuss results so that all inspectors are on the same page.


Real-time data is invaluable to commercial cleaning operations. Employ modern technology that is easy to set up and use. Choose the right technology that caters to your commercial unit’s individual needs.


Cleaning inspectors should prepare detailed reports for your cleaning staff. In case your company manager will have a look at it, it’s better to not add unnecessary details.


Cleaning inspection data should be used to provide feedback to the cleaning staff. Feedback makes them aware of a problem. Consequently, they can develop a plan to fix it.
Most importantly, give some positive feedback to thank them for their service.

Follow Up

Finally, follow up is critical to reduce the risk of a cleaning issue occurring again.
A proper cleaning inspection process demonstrates a commercial unit’s commitment to high quality cleaning.  If you want to save time on cleaning inspection, feel free to contact us anytime. As a renowned commercial cleaning company, we offer an extensive range of cleaning services that you can rely on!

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